A Layer

Print club KOPIJ invited an international network of print clubs and print enthusiasts to work together on the design of one poster.

Each DIN A3-sized poster consisted of three layers of print in one color. The first layer was screenprinted by KOPIJ, the second and third layer were printed by two other print clubs.

There were seven routes with two stops each, thus resulting in seven different designs. The collaborative posters were presented in an exhibition on 13, 14 and 15 June, 2014 at KOPIJ.



25-06-2014 20:41:45
Check out the pictures of the Three Times A Layer exhibition at KOPIJ on our Facebook page.

06-06-2014 14:03:22
Barba Silkscreen Atelier will be showing the project at Printworkers Barcelona from June 14 until August 16!

27-05-2014 13:17:06
Exhibition time! The process and the results of this collaborative effort will be presented at KOPIJ in Hasselt, Belgium on Friday 13.6 from 20:00 on and on Saturday 14.6 and Sunday 15.6 from 12:00 to 18:00. Everyone is invited for the opening on Friday the 13th and it's also KOPIJ's one year anniversary so bring your party hats! RSVP on the Facebook event page.

26-05-2014 23:37:43
Doing some sorting and packing to send a bundle of prints from every route to each participant of Three Times A Layer.

06-05-2014 12:50:16
We opened all the packages we received back from the international routes. It felt like christmas morning! The three layered prints looked great! We are planning an exhibition to showcase the process and results of Three Times A Layer but more on that later!

15-04-2014 09:41:50
Almost every package of prints is back from their trip abroad but we're going to wait to open them all at once. We're excited to see the results!

27-03-2014 19:03:01
Yes! The first packages are arriving back at KOPIJ! Like this golden one from Mesh Print Club Rotterdam. Bling bling!

20-03-2014 20:46:39
Barba's layer design is looking good!

18-03-2014 15:59:45
In Minneapolis, over 6800km(!) away from here, Screen Printing On The Cheap added the final layer to the Route Américaine. Safe journey home!

17-03-2014 09:02:16
MIAT Gent is firing up their letterpress for some A3 action!

05-03-2014 14:38:22
Barba is ready to go for the final layer of the Route du Soleil! And their cats too.

24-02-2014 11:20:05
We Make It added their layer to the Route du Nord print and put it on it's way to Fellesverkstedet (Oslo) in this nice package!

18-02-2014 15:49:12
Papier Machine from France is rocking fluo orange on their socks!

17-02-2014 15:30:59
Route Hollandaise in action! Kapitaal Utrecht printed the second layer and it looks promising!

06-02-2014 20:09:44
Topo Copy is finishing up the second layer for our domestic route! Going to MIAT next, just down the street.

31-01-2014 16:45:33
Route Albion is moving along nicely, the prints already arrived at the second stop: Risotto in Glasgow!

24-01-2014 13:12:01
The first package arrived in London! A Two Pipe Problem immediately got on it and printed a second layer using moveable wood type on their letterpress machines.

18-01-2014 13:37:37
The seven packages are sent out to the seven first stops. Have a good trip and get home safely!

14-01-2014 18:02:10
Carefully packaged, ready to travel the world.

13-01-2014 20:45:54
We’re printing the first layer! We're going to send 30 prints along every route, so that's 210 pages screenprinted by hand, with love. Excited to send them out.

13-01-2014 16:20:02
The paper has arrived. A nice big block of 200 gsm DIN A3 glory. With the kind support of Leën.

03-01-2014 17:21:22
The design for the first layer is ready, lets get this printed!

20-12-2014 13:04:19
Hooray! We finished the list today. A total of 14 print clubs/enthusiasts in 10 different countries will participate in Three Times A Layer.


Route Belgique
Topo Copy, Gent, Belgium (risography)
MIAT, Gent, Belgium (letterpress)

Route Hollandaise
Kapitaal, Utrecht, Netherlands (screen printing & risography)
Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, Netherlands (screen printing & risography)

Route du Nord
We Make It, Berlin, Germany, (risography)
Fellesverkstedet, Oslo, Norway (screen printing)

Route des Alpes
Rollo Press, Zürich, Switzerland (risography)
Nove Punti, Milan, Italy (letterpress)

Route du Soleil
Papier Machine, Saint-Saturnin-Les-Apt, France (risography)
Barba, Barcelona, Spain (screen printing)

Route Albion
A Two Pipe Problem, London, UK (letterpress)
Risotto, Glasgow, UK (risography)

Route Américaine
Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Wisconsin, US (letterpress)
Screen Printing On The Cheap, Minneapolis, US (screen printing)


Three Times A Layer is a project by KOPIJ, a print club from Hasselt, Belgium.
A space for print lovers, an open workplace for graphic design and analog printing, a platform for debate and reflection, a meeting place for image makers and so much more.




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